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As part of our PDL programme, pupils in Years 10 and 11 are allocated a 1 hour Careers appointment with our EBP Careers Advisor, Nancy Austwick.  During their appointment, pupils are given the opportunity to discuss their future educational/career aspirations.  Where necessary, Nancy will support pupils in identifying their strengths to enable them to select suitable College courses, apprenticeship or jobs.

We also work closely with  EBP (South) who assist us in planning whole school Career Fayres, where local Colleges, Training Providers, Apprenticeship Providers and local employers showcase their work, to support our pupils in making informed decisions about their futures.

Our Year 10 pupils take part in the EBP WEX (work experience programme) where they undertake work experience for one week with a local organisation.  During this time, pupils gain valuable experience of the workplace.  Our present Year 10 pupils have just finished their WEX and we have been very proud to hear of their successes and accomplishments whilst in the workplace.

Employer comments included:

  • “Very helpful”
  • “Good – shampooing as we speak”
  • “Nervous to start but has been walking the dogs and cleaning up after them. The pupil says he loves the work”
  • “Bright as a button”’.
  • “Amazing”
  • “All fine, doing well. Done price changes, processed a delivery, on the arcade team today. Punctual and smart”
  •  “Very good, helpful, efficient, pleasure to have him”.
  • “Amazing, got lots done”.

As a result of their work experience, several pupils have been offered part time/Saturday jobs as well as the potential for future apprenticeships/jobs.

Pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9, undertake preparation for their future lives, by working on PDL Careers programmes which allow them to identify appropriate future courses for them, as well as having introductions to local Colleges through our Year 8 Preferences Fayre.