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Wear our uniform with pride

We have high expectations for uniform and expect our pupils to wear it correctly at all times. All pupils must ensure:

  • Their tie is worn correctly
  • They have their blazer on (unless they request permission to take it off)
  • Their shirt is tucked in
  • They have the correct skirt/ trousers and plain black shoes
  • They are not wearing make-up or jewellery, other than one plain gold or silver stud in the lower earlobe, and a watch. One small nose stud is also permitted. 

All uniform items may be purchased from Skoolkit. Items may be purchased elsewhere providing they meet the exact style of our uniform. We also keep some second hand items, available for sale, in our welfare hub.  

Skoolkit can provide Purbrook Park School badges to be sewn onto blazers.

SHOES: All pupils must wear plain black shoes (no logos or excessive trims). All shoes must be low-heeled, not more than 6 cm, and must enclose the foot.


  • Blazer including stitched on Purbrook Park School badge from Skoolkit  
    • House tie from Skoolkit
    • Plain white shirt — standard collar / no logo
    • Black ‘V’ neck jumper (not cardigan) for winter wear 
    • Black straight leg or tailored trousers
    • Black skirts — (Please see below examples of styles from Skoolkit)
    • Plain black socks or tights
    • From the 1st May until the end of the summer term, pupils are permitted to wear senior unisex day shorts purchased from Skoolkit

Please see below examples of skirts provided by Skoolkit:









PE KIT - From September 2024:    

  • Navy t-shirt with Purbrook Park School Logo and house text from Serious Sport
  • Plain navy midlayer/or sweatshirt (midlayer may be purchased from Serious Sport)
  • Plain navy shorts (may be purchased from Serious Sport)
  • Plain navy/Black training pants — (no other accepted including ¾ length).   (Navy may be purchased from Serious Sport)
  • Plain navy or black sports leggings 
  • Navy woven football socks and white ankle/trainer socks (may be purchased from Serious Sport)
  • A pair of football boots — no metal tipped studs or blades
  • A pair of indoor trainers (with non-marking soles) — please note that for health and safety reasons, canvas type plimsolls are not an acceptable substitute.
  • A pair of shin guards
  • Gum shield (advisable)


Protective clothing is required for some practical work.  Teachers in departments will give appropriate advice.


Hairstyles must not be unusual, for example excessively short (minimum grade 2 is accepted), tram line, zigzag or dyed unnatural hair colours (including dip dyed).   Braiding is allowed providing no beads are attached.


Pupils may choose to wear a watch.  Pupils are permitted to wear a single pair of plain gold or silver stud earrings in the lower earlobe.  One small nose stud is also permitted. Tongue piercings are not permitted. Should pupils wear other jewellery they will be asked to remove it. If it is seen persistently it will be confiscated, and parents will be asked to collect it from school.


Make-up, including false nails, nail polish and false eyelashes, are not permitted for any pupil.


Pupils need a range of equipment e.g. pens, pencils, pencil crayons, rubber, ruler, calculator, and a suitable bag to carry several A4 books and text books. Pupils must not bring small ‘handbags’ into school. Lockers are available on request.                                                                                                                 

Purbrook Park has developed a high standard of education and dress. We are rigorous in upholding the school uniform, and it is expected that pupils wear it well and with pride. This includes to and from school, and on school visits and excursions.

  • Pupils are expected to wear blazers at all times unless given permission to remove them.
  • Top Coats – these are to be worn over blazers only when outside during breaks and moving from lesson to lesson.
  • Hoodies are not permitted.
  • Ties must be worn and shirts must be tucked in.

Please note that if a pupil persistently fails to wear their uniform correctly, detentions will be given, or internal isolation if required. Please enjoy wearing our school uniform with pride!

Our Governing Body is mindful of the need to respect religious faiths (see Equal Opportunities policy). 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school.