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Purbrook park has high standards of education and dress. We are rigorous in upholding the School Uniform and it is expected that pupils wear it well with pride. This includes to and from school, on visits and excursions.

The image below outlines our uniform expectations for boys and girls.

The governing body is mindful of the need to respect religious faiths and therefore appropriate religious dress may be allowed.

Our pupils are expected to wear blazers at all times unless given permission to remove them. Pupils who persistently fail to meet our uniform expectations will be placed on report or given detentions.


Hairstyles must not be unusual for example excessively short ( grade 2 minimum), tram line, zig-zag, dip dyed or dyed unnatural colours. Braiding is allowed provided no beads are attached. Hair accessories are not permitted unless they are simple and understated.


Pupils may choose to wear a watch and one pain of plain silver or gold stud earrings in the lower ear lobe. Spacers, stretchers, or retainers will ne be permitted. No other jewellery, body piercings ( including retainers), or make up is permitted. No false nails or nail polish are allowed. All other jewellery will be confiscated.

PE Kit

We expect our pupils to adhere to our high standards of dress in their PE lessons. Our pupils are excepted to wear Purbrook Park labelled attire in their lessons and dress as per the image below.

Personal Equipment

It is expected that pupils are well equipped every day. Our pupils are expected to have pens, pencils, pencil crayons, rubber, ruler, calculator and a suitable bag to take several A4 books to and from school. Pupils must not bring small ‘handbags’ into school.

All pupils are issued with a Purbrook Park Planner that they must bring to school every day.

Mobile phones and electronic devices

We have the responsibility to educate our young people with regard to appropriate us eo f new technologies. The use of mobile phones, MP3 players or other similar electronic devices including the use of headphones are not acceptable in school. These devices and headphones must not be visible or used during the school day including break or lunch. If pupils bring these devices into school they must be switched off and in kept in their school bag or locker at all times.

If a pupil is seen with, or is caught using, one of the devices they will have it confiscated and it will be taken to Pupil Services.  If the confiscation is a first offence the item will be returned to the pupil the same day. Any subsequent confiscation will result in parent collect.

If you have any questions regarding our School Uniform or Personal Equipment expectations please do not hesitate to contact your child's year leader in the firt instance.