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Sports Leadership

At Purbrook Park School we undertake Sports Leadership activities throughout the year as it helps develop confident, healthy leaders through sport and physical activity. We also believe that sports leadership and volunteering can make a real, positive difference for individual lives and society. For many young people a leadership or volunteering role in sport gives them recognition and a sense of self-worth that they would not otherwise find.


Throughout the year some pupils will undertake the Sports Leaders Award. This award is not designed to teach the pupils about sport, but instead how to use sports as a way of teaching leadership skills. Additionally, a commitment to community volunteering is an integral part of all Sport Leaders UK awards, making sports leadership a lifetime commitment for many. Through the Sports Leader Award pupils will learn and demonstrate important life skills such as effective communication and organisation as well as a focus on assisting the pupils to improve motivation, self-esteem, teamwork and confidence. Pupils will lead basic physical activities to younger people, their peers and within the community.


Getting involved with leadership and volunteering roles within school and or the community can act as a good foundation to progress onto other leadership awards or qualifications. Leadership encourages personal growth and can also develop those generic leadership skills that are vital in other areas of life and increase self-confidence that comes through taking responsibility for own and others learning and enjoyment.