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Religious Studies

Miss D Brockett Lead Teacher of Religious Studies
Mrs L Hutton Director of Teaching & Teacher of Religious Studies
Miss L Guile Teacher of Religious Studies
Ms Kirsten Clark-Lyons Teacher of Religious Studies


Religious Studies at Purbrook Park is based on expanding and deepening pupils’ knowledge of the world around them, from the local community to a diverse international picture.

The curriculum has specifically been designed to provide all pupils with knowledge of the wider world, and encouraged pupils to develop and articulate their own world view and discern for themselves how religious concepts affect them in their everyday lives. Through the introduction of humanism and a variety of faiths, pupils gain vital information on how individual beliefs and faith can transform an individual and be a guide to life. Moreover, the conceptual structure of the curriculum permits for heightened curiosity and insight into the lives of individuals and communities as well as the pupil's own identity.

Learning Religious Studies opens not only academic but personal opportunities. It equips pupils to ask abstract questions, think and debate critically, evaluate concepts, interpret and develop their own judgements and opinions on matters of the modern world. We aim to ensure that our pupils are exposed to a broad, deep and rich experience of religion, belief and philosophical thought, encompassing and appreciating all views.

In Key Stage 3 pupils are taught 3 lessons per fortnight, which increases into core KS4 where pupils have 4 lessons a fortnight to continue inquiry-based skills and prepare for GCSE. All classes are mixed-attainment. Purbrook Park School KS3 Curriculum follows the agreed Living Difference IV syllabus which can be found here.

School trips are organised throughout the year to places of worship, with additional opportunities to attend interfaith events and hear from outside speakers from faith groups.