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Psychology Curriculum 2021/22

KS4 Year 11


Brain and Neuropsychology:

Pupils will learn about the structure and function of the nervous system, including the ‘Flight or Fight’ response. They will then develop an understanding of how information moves around the brain by studying neuron structure and function. Pupils will explore how different parts of the brain control specific aspects of our behaviour. Then finally pupils will be introduced to the scientific study of the influence of the brain structures on mental processes.

Psychological problems:

Pupils will begin by learning and understanding what mental health problems are and how they affect individuals and society. They will then explore the types of depression, diagnosing depression, theories of depression and therapies for depression. Finally, pupils will learn and understand what is meant by the term addiction, how to diagnosis addiction, theories of addiction and therapies for addiction.


Social influence:

Pupils will explore the causes and theories surrounding social influence within society. Firstly, they will learn about social conformity, the effect of real or unseen group pressure (majority influence). They will then learn about the effect of obedience, the response to a direct order from an authority figure. Next pupils will consider what is meant by prosocial behaviour, behaviour which is beneficial to other people and may not necessarily benefit the helper. Finally, they will learn about crowd and collective behaviour, a gathering of people who may behave differently from when on their own.

Revision – Paper 1:

Pupils will begin a revision programme covering the paper one topics; memory, perception, development and research methods.


Revision – Paper 2:

Pupils will continue to revise for their GCSE exams covering the paper 2 topics; social influence, language, thought and communication, brain and neuropsychology and psychological problems.