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Psychology Curriculum 2020/21

KS4 Year 10


Perception: Pupils will cover the following elements, sensation and perception, visual clues, constancies and illusions. They will then explore and evaluate Gibson’s and Gregory’s theories of perception and identify the factors affecting perception.

Development: Pupils will learn about early brain development. They will explore and evaluate Piaget’s theory and conservation.



Development: Pupils will continue to explore and evaluate Piaget’s theories on early brain development, including egocentrism, the stages of cognitive development and the application in education. They will look at the effects of learning on development including Dweck’s mindset theory of learning, the role of praise and self-efficacy, learning styles and Willingham’s learning theory.


Language, thought and communication: Pupils will explore the concepts of language and thought, focusing on Piaget’s theory, the Saphir-Whorf hypothesis and our view of the world. They will then consider human and animal communication, explore Von Frisch’s bee study and human versus animal communication.



Language, thought and communication: Pupils will explore non-verbal communication including; eye contact, body language and personal space. They will then investigate and evaluate the explanations of non-verbal behaviour including Darwin’s evolutionary theory, innate or learned and Yuki’s study of emotions.


Brain and neuropsychology: Pupils will explore the structure and function of the nervous system, including the autonomic nervous system and the James-Lange theory of emotion. They will then learn about neuron structure and function, including; neuron and electrical transmission, synapses and chemical transmission and Hebb’s theory if learning.