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Mr M Bruce Lead Teacher
Mrs L Hutton Director of Teaching  & Teacher of Psychology, Sociology & RS

The study of psychology is a fascinating journey through the hows and whys of human behaviour.  Pupils will be introduced to the fundamentals of psychology developing critical analysis, independent thinking and research skills. By studying psychology students will gain a better understanding of human behaviour, thoughts, feelings and motivations. Throughout the curriculum pupils will consider the following questions; Why people do what others tell them to? How personality affects what we do? Why do we become stressed and how can we treat it? How do we study addictive behaviour? How can you measure abnormal behaviour?

Pupils will have the opportunity to work independently and in groups to discuss the various topics, conduct their own experiments and evaluate real life case studies.  The Psychology curriculum is set by AQA and the exam board prescribes the syllabus content.  There are 2 exam papers at the end of Year 11. The syllabus is academic in nature but it does clearly link to everyday life and provides students with skills and knowledge that will be relevant e.g. theories about learning, childhood, mental health, memory and body language.

'It's all in the mind'. - George Harrison