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Physical Education

Mr S Wilson Lead Teacher of PE
Mrs C Ford Teacher of PE/SENCO
Mr R Evans Teacher of PE/RSL Einstein
Miss Z Carter Teacher of PE
Miss S Teasdale Teacher of PE
Mr J Moon  Teacher of PE

Our high-quality and inclusive physical education curriculum aims to promote enjoyment and participation of all pupils at PPS. We aim to teach a broad range of sports and physical activities to help pupils to find the physical activity that they enjoy. These activities allow us to improve and progress the pupils physical skills, cognitive skills and their fitness. We also teach vital skills and qualities through the activities such as determination to reach their personal best, communication, teamwork and sportsmanship to name a few. This progressive curriculum helps develop key knowledge and skills to prepare them for the examination subject if they choose to study it. Our year 8 and year 9 curriculum is underpinned by leadership and this helps shape the experiences of the pupils as they progress through the school.

Physical education allows pupils to develop their physical, cognitive and social skills and enables time for vital physical activity within the curriculum. Success in the subject comes on many forms and we have an unparalleled impact upon the pupil’s whole school journey. We know that we positively impact on other lessons, whether it is through group work, determination to improve or the lesson that they look forward to the most.

Pupils have many opportunities to continue their learning and enjoyment through clubs and opportunities to represent the school in our very successful school teams. We take advantage of both Havant and Portsmouth district sports fixtures as well as entering county and national cups and competitions. We also enable our pupils to challenge themselves and develop further important skills in our water sports trip and our extremely popular ski trip.