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Personal Development Learning

On a Monday to Thursday pupils have a 20 minute PDL session with their tutor. During PDL, pupils work in small sized tutor groups.  Each tutor group has a mixture of pupils from each year group, three or four from each year. This year tutor groups have been allocated within year groups to allow for 'bubbles'.

Tutors know every pupil well, and the tutor group system allows them to mentor and monitor the development of potential in each pupil and helps to promotes equal opportunities for all pupils.  It also allows for greater parent partnership, enhanced pupil voice and leadership, and encourages good citizenship.

 PDL aims to to focus on the following:

  • Developing responsible, active citizens who are able to play their part and become involved in public life as adults
  • To broaden pupils’ horizons through a range of spiritual, moral, social and cultural opportunities.
  • To develop pupils’ interpersonal strengths; sense of purpose, gratitude, ‘heart’, honesty
  • To develop pupils’ intrapersonal strengths; growth mindset, optimism, self-control, perseverance
  • To develop pupils’ intellectual strengths; curiosity, a zest for life, critical thinking, communication
  • To develop and provide opportunities for pupils’ civil virtues; volunteering, neighbourliness, community awareness and spirit
  • To develop and provide opportunities for pupils’ performance virtues; leadership, teamwork, motivation, confidence
  • To promote and debate current affairs and world events
  • To promote British Values

Tutor time is also used effectively by tutors to support the pastoral care of pupils.  Tutor mentoring and tracking along with attendance/behaviour and uniform checks are activities that are embedded each day in our tutor time activities.

The activities are designed to build on pupils' 'virtues' and character development these are;

  • Intellectual virtues
  • Moral virtues
  • Civic virtues
  • Performance virtues