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Purbrook Park School is proud of its small but thriving PTFA, particularly as very few secondary schools manage to sustain one.

PTFAs can contribute a great deal financially, enabling the school to buy things it wouldn’t normally have at the top of its shopping list – offering pupils extended opportunities and fabulous memories to take away with them.

The PTFA is active most months with refreshments at parents’ evenings and dance & drama events, setting-up recycling schemes and working with the community involvement schemes offered by the local supermarkets.

Joining the PTFA is the perfect way of feeling part of PPS

Parents often feel that they have done their bit in their primary schools and become reluctant to join in at secondary level.  They think that with so many pupils in the school there will be plenty of people to get involved. Sadly this isn’t the case and there are actually very few parents, teachers or friends currently involved with secondary school PTFAs - Purbrook Park School has just 8 members.

Joining the PTFA is the perfect way of feeling involved with the school.  The conversations you’ve been used to with other mums and dads on the playground may have stopped and you see the teaching staff infrequently.  Why not come along and make them a cup of tea at parents’ evenings, chat to the pupils who have also volunteered to help out and just get to know the school on a more personal level!