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PSHE Curriculum 2021/22

KS3 Year 7


Health & Wellbeing:  Pupils will explore key concepts surrounding transition to Secondary School, personal safety inside school and within their own growing independence and learning how to set goals and create future aspirations.

Living in the Wider World: Pupils will undertake an enterprise project based on the board game 'Game of Life'. Creativity, strategy, teamwork and decision-making skills will be developed within this project.


Relationships: Pupils will explore how to build positive friendships through reflecting upon their own identity, understanding rights & responsibilities, tackling and recognising bullying and understanding how to challenge negative behaviour.

Health & Wellbeing: In this topic pupils will learn about and start to develop a deeper understanding in making healthy lifestyle choices, managing influences  and positive mental health.     


Relationships: During the summer unit, pupils will start to reflect upon their own self worth & self efficacy in developing and maintaining positive friendships, analysing unhealthy friendships and understanding how to communicate online.

Living in the Wider World: Pupils will explore British values, character values and how to present themselves in the community in readiness for moving onto the next stage of their learning and further independent activities outside of school.

KS3 Year 8


Health & Wellbeing:  Pupils will explore key concepts to understand how to manage emotions, challenge myths & stigmas surrounding mental health and unhealthy & healthy coping strategies.

Living in the Wider World: Pupils will start to prepare for their KS4 decisions through looking at transferable skills, GCSE opportunities, Post 16 & career pathways and setting high aspirations to ensure all pathways are open and accessible to all pupils. 


Relationships: Pupils begin to focus on the diverse communities within Britain and the world and how to challenge discrimination within relationships that involve disability, sexism, homophobia & transphobia, racism and different religions.                

Health & Wellbeing: Pupils will explore the impact of smoking, drugs and alcohol on their own health and wellbeing.


Relationships: Pupils will build on their prior knowledge and start to apply the concept of a romantic relationship through exploring positive behaviour in relationships, gender identity & sexual orientation, and forming & developing relationships.

Living in the Wider World: Pupils will be introduced to saving, spending & budgeting in their own future personal lives, they will start to understand what is a financial risk, as well as exploring consumerism & ethical business.                 

KS4 Year 9


Health & Wellbeing: Pupils will explore what it means to be involved in healthy & unhealthy friendships, which will lead into associated gang risks and alcohol/drug use & the law

Living in the Wider World: Pupils will build upon their knowledge of saving, spending & budgeting, ethical consumerism and financial risks & gambling


Relationships: Pupils will undertake research into different types of families, how to respond to conflict & relationship changes and gain skills towards conflict resolution              

Health & Wellbeing: Throughout this half term pupils will have in-depth discussions and activities surrounding physical & mental health, diet & exercise and body image 


Relationships: The purpose of this unit is to start to introduce pupils to more mature concepts as they start to mature. This will include learning about intimate relationships & consent, STIs, safe sex & pregnancy, as well allowing pupils to keep themselves safe in understanding sex online

Living in the Wider World: Pupils will start to gain knowledge into preparing for life beyond school, this will include explorative work in equal opportunities, skills for employability and online presence & branding

KS4 Year 10


Health & Wellbeing: Pupils will explore stereotypes of mental health, signs of emotional ill health and managing negative thoughts in order to keep themselves and their peers mentally healthy.

Living in the Wider World: Pupils will gain a wider knowledge into the world of work outside of school and will gain skills in how to apply for a job, responsibilities in the work place and understand how to sell their strengths


Relationships: The purpose of this unit is to expand upon mature concepts of relationship values, understanding the misconceptions behind media & pornography and tackling myths about sexual health & STIs                     

Health & Wellbeing: Throughout this half term pupils will further their knowledge into positive & negative role models, how they may be affected by peer influence in new situations and the impact of drugs & alcohol on friendships and family settings


Relationships:   Pupils will continue to explore concepts surrounding relationships with a particular focus on local and wider communities discussing issues such as inclusion, respect & belonging, challenging discrimination online and recognising radicalisation   

Living in the Wider World: Pupils will research and explore financial life beyond school and will be taught how to open a bank account, understand budgets, savings, credit & loans and gain insight into gambling, debt & fraud 

KS4 Year 11

Health & Wellbeing: To support pupils in their final year they will learn skills in stress management, developing self-efficacy and revision techniques & balancing time

Living in the Wider World: Pupils will be able to undertake independent work surrounding college applications, CV & interview techniques and setting up a bank account with support from the teacher to ensure a personalised approach is taken in applying real life skills and knowledge as they begin to prepare for post-16 life