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Miss D Brockett Lead Teacher RS & PSHE

Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) at Purbrook Park is based on introducing pupils the key themes and situations they may experience in their lives. In KS3 this may be how to deal with emotions, through to KS4 where pupils learn about financial literacy and the justice system.

The curriculum has specifically been designed to provide all pupils with knowledge of the wider world, become critical thinkers and politically and socially aware. Through the guidance of national curriculum, pupils are able to become more empathetic people and are more prepared for the world beyond school education. The topics of enquiry encourage pupils to share their own experiences and become empowered through a deeper understanding of their own lives, thoughts and feelings. We are also committed to teaching young people about Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) and how experiences throughout their lives shape who they are. We encourage pupils to approach these topics sensitively and learn how to positively deal with the experiences and changes they will have as young people.

KS3 pupils focus on the transition between primary and secondary, mental wellbeing and applying a positive and rational outlook to their own emotions. They also cover health units such as identity, physical health and puberty, which gives pupils the opportunity to question and understand who they are and who they are becoming. KS4 pupils look into crime, sexuality, planning for the future and finance. This variety of topics are taught through a high level of discussion to be able to share ideas and promote awareness of ‘real-world’ issues. All topics are taught to ensure all pupils have a core understanding of British values. Year 7 and 8 are taught one lesson a fortnight in mixed-attainment classes, whereas Year 10 are taught one lesson weekly.