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PPS Enrichment Academy

During the summer holidays 2021, Purbrook Park School held an Enrichment Academy for our future year seven pupils. Focussed on smoothing the transition process from primary school to secondary school in light of COVID-19 disruption the Enrichment Academy provided a free introduction to life at our incredible school.

Led by the staff that would become their teachers, the Enrichment Academy gave a wide variety of different practical activities that made learning fun and the school less daunting. From Practical Maths to Jazzy Geography, Crazy Science to Sporting Stars pupils rocketed, bounced, acted and orienteered there way around the school site. Meeting and making friends was a key focus and free food at break times and lunchtimes maintained the feel good factor.

The Enrichment academy also included outside visitors including the fire brigade and the EIEF to ensure that the pupils had a varied but also useful experience.

Below you will find the initial impact of the Enrichment Academy as well as a break-down of the costs involved including the funding secured by the government.

“It was a fantastic couple of weeks and my child was able to make new friends and settle her nerves prior to attending secondary school. My child enjoyed getting to know the staff and enjoyed the variety of lessons/activities”

Year 7 Parent

“No Improvement needed” Year 7 Parent

  • 100% of parents surveyed were very happy with what the Enrichment Academy offered their child.
  • 100% of parents said their child either enjoyed the Enrichment Academy or thought it was amazing.
  • 100% of parents said that it helped their child's confidence when starting Purbrook in September.
  • 100% of parents said that meeting their staff before September was very useful.

“The best bit for me was getting to know the school and teachers, it really helped me find my classes when the school year began” Year 7 pupil

“[To improve make it]... 3 weeks not 2” Year 7 pupil

  • 95% of pupils surveyed thought it was great to meet other year 7s before starting school.
  • 83% of pupils made friends with other people they had not met before.
  • 89% of pupils found it useful to meet their teachers before starting in September.