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Mr R James

Lead Teacher of Maths

Mr N Middleton

Assistant Lead Teacher of Maths

Mr R Gunn

Lead Practitioner KS4 Achievement & Teacher of Maths

Mr S Dawe

Director of KS4 Achievement & Teacher of Maths

Mr F Gissing

Teacher of Maths

Mr A Pickford

Teacher of Maths

Ms J Hayward

Teacher of Maths

Mr J Parker

Teacher of Maths

The mathematics curriculum is designed to provide pupils with a deep understanding of mathematical principles and the ability and confidence to tackle problems using logical and mathematical approaches. It develops numeracy and mathematical literacy so that all of our pupils are equipped with the skills and understanding to function confidently in their future lives. The curriculum exposes our pupils to the rich and varied content and culture of mathematics, including the essential role of mathematics in the world around them. It explores the patterns, mysteries and beauty of mathematics to develop our pupils as enquiring and creative mathematicians.

Year 7 are initially placed into sets (1-6) depending on their Year 6 SAT scores achieved in the summer. They will again be tested in the first week of September. This will ensure that each pupil is placed in the correct ability group that will maximise the progress made here at PPS. In order to facilitate set changes where necessary, each year group has mathematics at the same slot on their timetable. Set changes can take place throughout the year and at any time without impacting other subjects. TLAs are deployed carefully to ensure SEN needs are catered for.

Pupils in KS3 will have Maths 7 times a fortnight and will follow a 3-tier Mastery curriculum (support, core and depth) depending on the set that they are in. The course is designed to fit perfectly with the GCSE examinations as it is provided by the same organisation as the exam board (OCR/Pearsons). The 3 tiers allow us to tailor the lessons for each set and provide support or extension work when required. If pupils are consistently excelling then they will be moved up to higher sets in order to prepare them for the correct Tier at GCSE. Similarly, if a pupil requires more support they can move to a set where the pace will be slower. This is constantly monitored so that interventions are swift and targetted correctly.

Pupils begin studying the GCSE programme in year 9. This means they have 3 years to prepare for final exams. From year 9 pupils will have Maths 8 times a fortnight and follow a GCSE Scheme Of Work, again with the top 3 sets following the higher Tier scheme, whilst the other sets follow foundation.

Average class size in Year 7 is 30, except for the lower sets where we have reduced numbers so that more attention can given to those who require it most. Classes in year 8 are smaller averaging 25. KS4 classes, years 9, 10, & 11 are also smaller as we have allocated additional staff to those year groups. Currently, year 11 classes average 21 pupils.

The Schemes of Work (the order in which we teach topics) can be found in the curriculum tab.