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Literacy & Numeracy


Literacy is integral to everything we do at Purbrook Park School. It has a bearing on every pupil's ability to access the curriculum and the world around them, and therefore it is of personal, social and economic importance. Literacy, therefore, is taught across the curriculum in all subjects. 

Our approach to teaching literacy skills is built upon the three core building blocks of communication: reading, writing and, speaking and listening. All three skills are interdependent and are primarily taught in English lessons but also developed across all subject areas by all of our teachers.

In all subjects, pupils are given the opportunity to write for a range of different audiences and to read widely, as well as to speak and listen in different contexts. Additionally, during PDL time, once every two weeks, it is taught as a separate subject in its own right. Here pupils are given the opportunity to develop their understanding of spelling strategies, punctuation and grammar, as well as to reflect upon the quality of their own written communication in day-to-day life. 

Pupils should always carry a reading book with them. 


Purbrook Park School is committed to raising the standards of numeracy for all of its pupils; we want our pupils to be confident at using numeracy skills to support their learning and understanding in all curriculum areas. It is a proficiency which is developed mainly in Mathematics but also across other subject areas where pupils are given the opportunity to work with statistics, calculate percentages and timings as well as to solve quantitative and spatial problems in a range of different situations. This includes the drawing of graphs, tables and diagrams to support understanding. 

As part of their equipment, pupils are required to carry a calculator with them to all lessons.