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History Curriculum 2021/22

KS3 Year 7


Storm Glass: An introduction to History

Poos and Loos: When was it the best time to go to the toilet in British History?


Kingship in the Middle Ages: How did Monarchs control the British Isles

Rise, Resist and Rebel! Why did popular protests occur in British History

What was worth dying for part One: What caused popular protests in Britain?


The Mughal Empire: How effective were the Mughal rulers of India?

The British Empire part Two: How did Britain become a superpower?

KS3 Year 8


The British Empire part One: What caused the end of the British Empire?

The Seven Years War and World War One: What causes Global Conflict?


What caused World War II: Why was WWI not ‘The War to end all wars’?

The Rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany: Were the Germans entranced by evil?


The Cold War: How close did the world come to World War III?

What was worth dying for part Two: How did protests change in the twentieth century?

KS4 Year 9


A Sense of Period: What makes periods of history so different?

Anti-Semitism through Time: Have Jewish people always been persecuted?


The Rise of Hitler: What changed in Germany after1928 to make Germans support Adolf Hitler?

Living Under Nazi Rule 1933-45

Democracy to Dictatorship: How were the Nazis able to take control of Germany so quickly?

Taking a stand: What made it so hard to oppose Nazi Rule?


Dem Deutschen Volke: How did the lives of the German people change, 1933-39

Germany in War: What was the impact of the Second World War on the German people?

Occupation: What did Nazi rule mean for the people of Europe, 1939-45?

KS4 Year 10


The People’s Health c.1250 - the present

Matters of Life and Death: Did anyone really care about health in the Middle Ages?

The People’s Health, 1500-1750: More of the same for people?

Revolution! Why were there such huge changes in the people’s health, 1750-1900?


Better than ever? Do the changes in public health since 1900 tell a simple story of progress?

The Elizabethans 1580-1603

Majesty: How did Elizabeth use her power?

‘Dangerous people’: Why were there so few Catholics in Elizabeth’s kingdom by 1603?


Daily Lives: What mattered to the Elizabethans?

Merry England?: What lay behind the changes in popular culture?

Going Global: What did the Elizabethan adventurers achieve?

KS4 Year 11


The making of America 1789-1900

Growing Pains: What tensions arose as the USA grew, 1789-1838?

Visions: How did different groups see the American West , 1839-60?

‘A new birth of freedom’? What sense can be made of the Civil War and its aftermath, 1861-77?

Smoke and Blood: What caused settlement and conflict on the plains, 1861-77

We the people: How did the lives of Americans change, 1877-1900?


History Around us: Portchester Castle site study and field trip

Revision and exam preparation


Revision and exam preparation