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Welcome to the Department of Geography

Geography Teachers

Miss K Shears - Lead Teacher

Miss J Franklin

Mr R Short


Introduction to the Department:

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In the Geography  department we aim to foster a curiosity for learning!

Geography builds on fieldwork and enquiry skills at KS3 to develop the thinking of pupils and prepare for the study of Geography at KS4. The teaching of the subject also aims to generate an interest in learning outside the classroom so pupils have a lifelong passion for the subject.

Geography taught in an academic and rigorous fashion with an emphasis on knowledge as a foundation for developing subject specific skills.

Year 7 outline of schemes of work/medium terms plans:




Awe and Wonder

Geographies of Conflict





Y8 outline of scheme of work: medium terms plans:





Climate Change





Key Stage 4 Information:

Key stage 4 begins at the start of year 9 and all students are entered for GCSE History or Geography at the end of Year 11.

  • During Year 9 students complete units of work in the first term that prepares them for GCSE work, including thematic enquiries in History as well as source investigations. The focus in Geography is field work and decision making, skills that are required for the examination. Towards the end of the year pupils will begin to study GCSE topics once they are fully prepared.
  • In year 10 students will complete units from the specific AQA syllabus for Geography and History.

The Geography syllabus is composed  of:

Living with the physical environment

Section A: The challenge of natural hazards including  Natural Hazards, Tectonic Hazards, Weather Hazards and Climate Change

Section B: The living world  including  ecosystems such as Tropical Rainforests, Hot Deserts and Cold environment

Section C: Physical landscapes in the UK; Coastal Landscapes, Rivers and Glaciation

Challenges in the human environment

Section A: Urban issues and challenges

Section B: The changing economic world

Section C: The challenge of resource management which includes  food, water and energy

Geographical applications

Section A: Issue evaluation which is a critical thinking and problem solving test

Section B: Fieldwork  which will include two field work enquiries based on  primary data based on a fieldwork exercise

Geographical skills

Geographical skills Students are required to develop and demonstrate a range of geographical skills, including cartographic, graphical, numerical and statistical skills, throughout their study of the specification.

Examination Board used:


Qualification to be obtained:

GCSE Geography.