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Galileo Tutors

We have a fantastic team of tutors from all different subjects 
in Galileo House. 

The Galileo Tutor Team 

Miss Cumbo - GFCO 


Hi, My name is Miss Cumbo and I started working at Purbrook Park 4 years ago. I am the Lead Teacher for Art, Design and Technology and I specialise in Textiles and Food. Purbrook Park is a beautifully kind school where pupils are given the opportunity to flourish as individuals. Over the 4 years I have been part of this school  I have been blow away with how kind, supportive and giving both pupils and staff are at Purbrook Park.

Being part of the Galileo team is obviously a reward in itself as we are the best and the winning House! I am proud to be a Galilean.

As a tutor group GFCO are a hardworking and determined group. We have talented athletes, dancers, horse riders and artists, but most of all we always have a laugh and a giggle.  2022-2023 is going to be the year of giving, kindness and more Galileo wins!!!

Miss Brockett - GDBO


My name is Miss Brockett and my lovely tutor group are GDBO. Our house has a great mix of pupils with all different talents and skills and GDBO are a great example of this! The group are so fun and supportive of each other, but equally always work hard and contribute to tutor. Every single one of them is brilliant and continue to make Galileo the best house in the school! 

Mr Evans - GTEV

My name is Mr Evans and I am Assistant Lead teacher for Science. We have a great mix of pupils in our tutor who work closely in their mixed year family groups to make everyone feel welcome.  I am proud to be a tutor in Galileo House as we continually work together to support each other to make our House the best in the school. Let's Go Galileo! 
  Hello. I am Mr Harris and I teach English. I joined Purbrook Park in 2022 and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the school so far. I am extremely proud to teach a subject I am so passionate about to such fantastic pupils. I believe that hard work and determination inevitably leads to success, and I love to see pupils making progress!

Miss Lyons -GNLY

My name is Miss Lyons and I have been working here at Purbrook Park now as a Drama teacher for the past 10 years! I truly love Purbrook and I am very proud to be part of the Galileo House. Goes without saying of course - The best House!

I believe we are a school that nurtures and enables our pupils to be the very best they can be! A school that works together, stays together!

GNLY is a caring and hardworking tutor group. Everyone is friendly and will make any one feel at home. We like to compete hard and always put 100% into everything that we do.

We are a creative and thoughtful tutor group who take on challenges and are there for each other. 2022 is going to be a fantastic year and we can’t wait to throw ourselves into the year ahead!

Mr Moon - GJMO

Hello, my name is Mr Moon and I am a teacher of physical education. I joined Purbrook Park In September and it is my first year teaching. As soon as I started I felt so welcome and supported by both staff and pupils.

Being a member of Galileo house means a lot to me as it feels like a real family oriented house. My tutor group, GJMO has certainly solidified this feeling as every single one of my tutees has shown such kindness and compassion throughout my start at Purbrook. 

We are a dedicated and kind-hearted group willing to help others before we help ourselves. With this attitude I am confident my tutees will change the world. 

Mr Pickford - GAPI


Mr Pickford here, I’m sure you’ve heard this already, but Galileo really is the best house. Both staff and pupils treat each other with not just respect, but inexorable kindness too. I have been fortuitous enough to have a handful of these pupils in my tutor this year and have been impressed by the level of maturity and enthusiasm they all show every day.

GAPI are a great group, always willing to help in any way they can, often making my life much easier by offering to run bits and pieces in tutor.

I am looking forward to watching GAPI grow and evolve over the next few years, and looking forward to the addition of some new pupils in September.

Mrs Stott - GSST

Hello, I’m Mrs Stott, and I’ve been at Purbrook for ten years, leading English and loving my job as tutor to GSST.  We’re an inclusive school, which makes me very proud; all the amazing work pupils and staff do, in PDL and other lessons means our values are there for everyone to enjoy and learn from. GSST are EMPATHETIC- they welcome you with smiles and open minds; COURAGEOUS - they’re brave and rise to every challenge; TRANSCENDENT - they want to be better every day.

As a member of Galileo, I see a diverse range of beliefs, values and perspectives being respected and given a voice. We, like all the other Houses, make Purbrook what it is: a place to learn and take the first step towards your future.

Mr Wilson - GSWI

Hello! I’m Mr Wilson and Head of PE at Purbrook Park. I have been working at Purbrook for near 7 years now and love teaching the pupils here. Being in the best House, we are all very friendly, supportive and competitive. I’m very lucky to have a tutor this year which has a great mixed of pupils in. GSWI  is a very welcoming and accommodating tutor group who will help and guide all other pupils in the school. In our tutor we sit in family groups and occasionally years when we are completing PDL tasks. Our family groups consist of pupils from each year group where our older pupils take responsibility for leading activities. As a tutor group we have a mixture of interests from sports, music, gaming, computers, current topics and more.  

Miss Smith - GESM


Having started at Purbrook Park School in September as a Teach of Art, I have been well and truly been welcomed with open arms and really given the opportunity to get stuck in.  Not only are all creative outlets encouraged and supported, the range of subjects which I teach and therefore the pupils get to learn is so exciting and with the new GCSE in Graphics being introduced next academic year, the ADT department is able to keep up with the times and make sure everything taught it relevant, interesting and centres around creativity.

Tutor has also been a really rewarding experience with the PDL projects allowing for all skills and interests to be explored. My tutor group, GESM tend to really gravitate towards anything creative, but being able to have conversations around social issues, culture and even touching upon political issues is not only interesting to facilitate but focuses on supporting for well-rounded individuals. It is and will continue to be a pleasure to see each pupil grow into confident and hard-working individuals.

Overall, there have been some amazing opportunities at PPS and the future plans for ADT and PDL are all very exciting!

Miss Reilly - GMRE

Hi! I am Miss Reilly and I am really excited to being a member of Galileo house. I love being a tutor and I have loved learning about the Character Virtues which make Purbrook Park a great place to be a teacher. 

I have been teaching Science for 4 years now and love it! My favourite part of science is Biology as I enjoy learning about the human body, I am looking forward to teaching the pupils and doing lots of experiments in my lessons. 

I am excited to be a part of the best house, go Galileo!