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Mrs K Morrison-Johnson Lead Teacher of English
Ms C Simmons Assistant Lead Teacher of English
Mrs S Stott Lead Practitioner for KS3 Curriculum & Teacher of English
Mr L Atiyah Director of Inclusion & Teacher of English
Mr G Davies RSL Newton House & Teacher of English
Miss B MacNeill Teacher of English
Miss A Thwaites Teacher of English

Our English curriculum aims to provide pupils with the independent thinking skills to be successful in the world outside of school.

Pupils are challenged to become critical and appreciative of texts by embracing visual, oral and digital communications. We aim to ensure that all pupils experience texts drawn from culturally diverse sources in fiction and non-fiction, and that their access to those sources is through exploratory talk, drama, group work and creative writing. Through opportunities to think collaboratively, pupils are able to develop a sense of their own voice and their own place in the world; they are inspired to discover more about the contexts of texts and about the writers who wrote them and they are encouraged to invent. By experiencing different forms of writing, pupils gain familiarity with the language, ideas, contexts and purposes, and then they go on to create and innovate by crafting their own imaginative and transactional pieces.

Throughout their English lessons, pupils are reminded of the metacognition cycle. They are encouraged to ask questions, think critically and to reflect upon their own ideas at both the planning stage, the monitoring stage and the evaluation stage. They are encouraged to think about how to communicate their ideas most effectively by toying with language, structure and form to create successful and entertaining texts for a wide range of genres, text types and audiences.