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Mrs S Stott Lead Practitioner for English & Disciplinary Literacy 
Ms C Simmons Assistant Lead Teacher of English
Mrs K Morrison-Johnson SENCO & Teacher of English
Mr L Atiyah Director of Inclusion & Teacher of English
Mr G Davies RSL Newton House & Teacher of English
Miss A Thwaites Teacher of English
Miss B Evans Teacher of English
Miss C Broker Teacher of English 
Mr R Harris Teacher of English 
Mrs L Barge Teacher of English
Mr E Salter Specialist Teacher of Reading

At the heart of the English Curriculum is a belief that for children to become independent thinkers and speakers, during school and beyond, they must have a solid foundation in critical reading and writing skills.   

English lessons, in Key Stage 3, are committed to teaching reading for deep comprehension; pupils develop a secure sense of their own voice and their own place in the world by emulating and comparing writers’ experiences; they are inspired to discover more about the contexts of texts and writers, questioning and applying philosophical ideas to inspire critical responses.  Enriched by imaginative and cultured texts, pupils will learn to experiment with empathetic, transactional, descriptive and narrative writing of their own. 

British values underpin our curriculum: our historic and heritage texts, as well as modern and diverse voices, encourage pupils to prepare for life when they leave school.  Offering pupils different cultural perspectives prepares them for GCSE study, both in Language and Literature (AQA). 

We place important emphasis on oracy: pupils are taught to adapt their register and vocabulary choices, depending upon the task, purpose and audience.