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Welcome to the Purbrook Park School e-safety page

E-safety is something that we ALL need to be aware of, and familiar with.  Pupils, staff and parents all have a shared responsibility in ensuring the use of technological devices such as computers, the internet, mobile phones, gaming devices, tablets etc are used responsibly and with care.

However, we also need to know what to do when something goes wrong or we are in a situation that something happens that we do not like.  It may be that we have to support a friend or relative who dose not know how to keep themselves safe when using these devices or it may be that we need to be able to talk to our friends and family to make sure that we are all being safe.

As teachers, we support our pupils in understanding how to use technology safely and securely.  We offer support and guidance in safe and effective e-safety practices. We demonstrate this through the use of internet filtering, e-safety, assemblies and in tutor time.  Our staff undertake training on the use of e-safety within school and we are aware of the need for our own responsible practices on-line both at home and at school

As pupils, when we are in school we should keep to an Acceptable Usage Policy which identifies safe network/internet usage.  Our teachers and parents may ask us when sites we use and may ask to see what we are doing.  We should always make sure that we are open about this and that we do not post or do anything we would not want them to see.

As parents, we need to support our children to ensure they can work in a safe home environment.  Parental controls, open and frank discussion with our children on their use of technology, can ensure that we both understand the importance of use technology and technological devices carefully and sensibly.

At Purbrook Park School we aim to support pupils, parents and staff through this page on our school website, with developments in e-safety.  Regular updates, films and information will be posted to ensure we are all aware of the need to understand this key area in our lives, and to know how to be safe, sensible and e-aware.

Key websites to support e-safety are:


Each Wednesday the National Online Safety Group ( ) publish a "Wake Up Wednesday" guide for parents and trusted adults on a number of  topics.  The campaign was created to encourage the conversation about online safety and help empower individuals with the necessary information needed to help protect themselves and others from online dangers.   We share some of the guides with you below.