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Mrs A Taylor Lead Teacher of Performing Arts
Miss N Lyons Teacher of Drama
Mrs K Pomfret RSL Darwin, Teacher of Drama & History

Within the Drama curriculum we intend to ignite and develop a lifelong love of Drama, not just within a school setting but in the wider context of life. Our diverse and engaging curriculum covers the development of key skills within Drama (for example, characterisation – exploration of vocal expression, body language and facial expressions), as well as the creative skills – devising, rehearsal techniques, explorative strategies and the academic theory aspect of Drama.

During Key Stage 3, learners will experience Drama and utilise it to explore a range of plays, narratives, topics and themes. Age-appropriateness will be balanced with challenge to provide a realistic and relevant diet of content that is explored using Drama activity. The Drama curriculum will develop confidence, resilience and self-regulation in pupils, as well as inspiring a passion for Drama and the key skills intrinsic in its roots. The ability to be able to effectively communicate, and listen as well as work successful as part of a group are core within KS3. As well as generating a jest for learning. KS3 pupils have two lessons a fortnight of Drama.

At Key Stage 4, pupils are in mixed-attainment options groups and receive five hours of Drama per fortnight. We follow the AQA GCSE Drama specification, opting for the set text of Blood Brothers.

Opportunities for increasing pupils’ cultural capital within Drama include whole-school productions, theatre trips (The Woman in Black, Hamilton and Matilda), workshops with professional theatre makers, as well as the opportunity for additional qualifications in LAMDA.