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Mrs A Taylor Lead Teacher of Performing Arts
Mrs B Smith Lead Practitioner of PDL & Teacher of Dance
Mr S Strange Teacher of Dance

Dance plays a huge role in the Arts education at Purbrook Park, and we are lucky enough to have 3 specialist dance teachers which allows for a wide range of exciting opportunities in both curricular and extra-curricular activities.  We aim to ensure that every child has the opportunity to explore their own creative, performance and analytical skills. Pupils are encouraged to work cohesively in group projects building their skills in communication, empathy and problem-solving. The topics explored in the curriculum allow pupils to gain insight into various cultures, social, political and historical issues as well as taking part in healthy exercise.

During key stage 3 students will develop their choreographic and performance skills through the use of varied and diverse stimuli. Each unit of work is designed to build upon their prior learning and develop and enhance the pupils’ understanding of the dance world around them.

In KS4 we offer the Level 1/2 BTEC Tech Award in Dance, which gives the pupils an insight into working within the Performing Arts industry.  It builds their technique and performance skills as a dancer, but also develops their choreographic skills and their knowledge of the industry as a whole.

Results in dance are historically Outstanding, which is in part to do the constant opportunities available to our pupils.  We are proud to say we won the premier Rock Challenge final and were one of the schools to take part in the last National final held in Sheffield.  We have competed in Dance Live in the past two years, winning our heats both times. In 2023, our team placed second in the finals, winning £500. Our pupils have successfully auditioned and performed 4 times in Disneyland Paris to a multinational audience.  We have various clubs running including an Elite team who represent the school in local events, festivals and competitions. We put on annual full scale productions and dance shows, constantly giving our pupils the opportunity to perform. This is on top of theatre trips, college and university days, workshops and so much more. Our pupils thrive in the department, making life-long memories, and we truly believe this is what makes dance so successful at Purbrook Park.