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Careers Information

Our Careers Programme information is shown below.  If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact our Careers Lead - Mrs Julia Hinks.

During our Careers programme, we survey pupils using a destination survey (3 times a year for Years 10 and 11, twice a year for Year 9 and once a year for Years 7 and 8), to identify their career pathways.  These destination surveys allow us not only to tailor the programme to meet the needs of pupils, it also allows us to meet the needs of pupils who are unsure of their pathway, at an early stage, to give them access to impartial careers support and guidance to help them identify what they could do for their career pathways.

We also use the destination survey results provided by the Education Participation Team at Hampshire Futures, which identifies engagement by young people who have left Purbrook Park School and their engagement as of 1st November.

Using these results we are able to identify our current performance,  plan future strategies and to spot potential issues before they arise.