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Art Curriculum 2023/24

KS3 Year 7


Introduction – Baseline

Fruit & Veg drawing (unaided) Tone/Shading/Texture page

Pupils will be assessed on initial skills upon introduction to the subject.

AO1 - Pupils will gain a basic understanding of colour theory and different sketching and shading


AO3 - Introduction to artist studies to develop an understanding of written analysis in Art and Design


 Pupils will be introduced to packaging, labels and brands through the exploration of Pop Art.

Pupils will develop their research skill by investigating appropriate artists associated with Pop Art:

Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol

Pupils will be introduced to skills and techniques such as scale and perspective through the use of

grids and view finders.

AO4 - Produce a piece of quality 2D work that reflects skills learnt


 AO2 - Pupils will develop the understanding of different print making techniques such as Mono,

lino, oil pastels, etching.

Contextual research on still life artists to further students’ understanding and ability in producing

quality research pages.

AO1-AO4 linked to GCSE to be introduced and used throughout to prepare pupils for KS4

KS3 Year 8


Research  AO1

IDEAL analysis of Marion Bolognesi / Portrait Artists

Pupils to explore different techniques for sketching facial features, focusing on one feature per week

Experimentation and development of skills AO 2 & 3

Sketch nose/lips/eyes/ears//Focus on tone and shading/cross hatching//Proportion and angles//

Highlights, shadows and effective mark making

Final Outcome & Evaluating AO4

Final Outcome of a whole portraits

Link onto MY DOG SIGHS in preparation for Term 2


 MY DOG SIGHS Artist investigation – Can Painting

Pupils to use AO1 to link into AO2 in order to produce experimental portraits and begin the thinking


AO3/4 – Produce a final piece that shows development from AO1/2/3. Pupils to be made aware of

importance of linking work together from start to finish.


 SELF - Intro to ‘self’ and ‘identity’ AO1

Explore a range of artists AO1 and begin initial research into techniques and methods used.

AO2/3 - Investigate different ways to effectively produce outcome that shoe ‘self’. What works best?

Analyse and annotate each outcome – peer assess AO3

KS4 Year 9



Pupils will gain knowledge and skills through each specialism

Art//3D Design//Photography//Textiles


Course content – How to present a sketchbook and how to mount work in preparation for GCSE.

Pupils will explore a range of techniques in the following categories.

VINCE LOWE/SCRIBBLE ART AO1: Develop ideas through investigations, demonstrating critical

understanding of sources.

Evidence of a completed page per sample. Students should evidence the skill and reflect on the end




Pupils will put together a mock portfolio based around a set  or chosen brief. This will compile all 4

assessment objectives and be moderated across the department.

KS4 Year 10

Autumn & Spring

Project 1

The pupils chosen theme will encourage them to look at their checklist in detail to create a personal

and meaningful response. Pupils should gain understanding into their chosen brief by research,

specific artists/designers/sculptors, sketchbook layout and construction.

Artists//Designers/IDEAL analysis AO1

Experimenting AO2

Pupils must work to a strict deadline and all work will be marked and finalised as a department.

Complete a selection of work, Pupils will carry out a range of techniques forming a final portfolio.

Pupils will be given the opportunity to pick their own theme

Briefs to choose from - Messages//Moments in Time//Concealment//Paper//Experimental Portraits//




AO4: Final Outcome that shows a meaningful response to research, experimentation and development

of ideas. Must link to brief topic and be informed by AO1-3

KS4 Year 11


 Completion of Component 1

 A portfolio that shows explicit coverage of the four assessment objectives. The portfolio must evidence

the journey from initial engagement to the realisation of intentions and a selection of further work

undertaken during the student’s course of study.


Pupils will continuously work on sketchbooks and develop outcomes while acting on feedback given

by Teachers. All pupils to utilise sessions provided within the Department to improve and finalise

individual outcomes by December.


 Preparation for exam