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Welcome to Art

Lead Teacher

Miss Cumbo

The Team:

Miss Salt

Mrs Benton

Mr Watson

Introduction to the Department:


In Art at Purbrook Park School we aim to bring as many experiences as possible to our lessons to encourage pupils to have an enthusiasm for the subject.

Pupils are given opportunities to experiment with materials from painting and drawing to 3D making, including clay.

Pupils take Art for 2 hours per fortnight in years 7 and 8 and can opt to take it at GCSE in years 9, 10 and 11.

KS3 Curriculum

During year 7 and 8 we aim to allow pupils to experience as many different materials as possible, we offer fortnightly extra -curricular sessions which are designed to enrich the learning of skills taught during lessons.

Pupils learn to study and analyse artists work alongside their skills


Year 7 outline of schemes of work/medium terms plans:




Formal elements

Clay Creatures

Designing and making their own unusual creatures using clay and other materials

Print/identity and Portraits

A skills based project were pupils learn to create art work based on all the formal elements

Portraits painting

Colour mixing and print making


Y8 outline of scheme of work: medium terms plans:




Working in the style of HR Geiger and Arcimboldo


Collage and 3D work

Understanding the link between architecture and art and design

Monster portraits

Tone and pencil work/colour mixing and observation drawing

Recap on portrait drawing

Colour mixing and digital



Key Stage 4 Information:

Key stage 4 begins at the start of year 9 and all students opt if they wish to take Art and Design

  • Year 9 is used as a foundation year and students are encouraged to enhance their skills and find Medias and materials that they can work best with.
  • Projects and skills studied in year 9
  • Autumn: Foreshortening/formal elements and perspective/using pictures to tell a story
  • Spring: Pop Art/ understanding the context of Pop art/working in the style of artists/painting/drawing and making processes
  • Summer: Painting and drawing skills
  • Year 10 will be the first year of coursework. Pupils will cover 2 projects in this year including a personal response portrait project and a print skills project
  • In Year 11 pupils cover a 3rd and final 3D project and from January work on their controlled test set by the exam board
  • The coursework projects account for 60% of the final grade and the controlled test (which is also practical) accounts for the other 40%.

Examination Board used:

We use the AQA Art and Design GCSE

Qualification to be obtained:

GCSE Art and Design.